55 and Over Communities in Florida Ohio

Why Many Ohio Retirees Relocate to Hyde Park, One of the Best Communities in Florida for Ages 55 and Over

What’s your reason for researching Florida communities for ages 55 and over? Are you an Ohio resident who’s tired of the harsh winters in the Buckeye State? Do you dream of living within an easy driving distance of world-acclaimed theme parks and beaches? Do you have family members already living in the Sunshine State, and you’d like to relocate to a great Central Florida location that will make it easy for you to visit them?

No matter the reason you’re investigating opportunities for retiring to Central Florida, you may be doing so with a little trepidation. After all, the Great Recession took a toll on the nest eggs of many prospective retirees, leaving them to wonder if they would be able to afford an active lifestyle in sunny Florida.

Hyde Park Makes Retirement Dreams Come True

If you’re narrowing your list to affordable Florida communities for people 55 and over, make sure you consider Hyde Park. Our gated community in Winter Garden, on the outskirts of Orlando, is centrally located in the Sunshine State and offers plenty of activities to keep you busy inside and outside our gates. Plus, we make an active Florida lifestyle affordable by offering attractive manufactured housing for sale with access to a bevy of resort-style amenities. For your low monthly home site lease payment, you’ll be able to enjoy daily use of:

  • A spacious clubhouse with game rooms, a banquet hall, and a fitness center
  • A swimming pool and hot tub
  • Shuffleboard courts

What’s more, there’s a golf cart path that leads to a quaint downtown center where old Florida charm meets trendy shops and eateries, and there are weekly opportunities to enjoy live entertainment.

Request a Tour

We love to show off our beautiful community! Contact our Lifestyle Team today to learn more about Hyde Park, and make sure you book a community tour the next time you’re visiting Central Florida from Ohio.

Active Retirement Living in Central FL New Jersey

Join the Many New Jersey Residents Enjoying the Best of Active Retirement Living in Sunny Central Florida

If you’re a New Jersey resident 55 or older who’s tired of traffic jams and wintry blizzards, you may be thinking of moving to an active retirement living community in Central Florida. If so, make sure you consider Hyde Park in Winter Garden, FL, where a number of retirees from the Garden State have already found their dream retirement home.

What’s so Special about Hyde Park?

Hyde Park is a gated, landscaped community of attractive manufactured homes for adults 55 and older. Inside our gates you’ll find a wealth of resort-style amenities to keep you as active or relaxed as you wish to be. Plus, our location on the edge of beautiful and bustling downtown Winter Garden ensures that our residents never spend a day with nothing to do unless they want it that way. In fact, there’s a golf cart path that leads from our community to the downtown district, where you can enjoy a charming Main Street atmosphere of brick-lined streets and historic landmarks, along with trendy shops, restaurants, and special events. This means you can hop in your golf cart and spend a few minutes or a full day taking in the sights without ever setting foot in your car.

What’s more, when you feel like driving, all the theme parks and other tourist attractions of nearby Orlando are only a few minutes away. This means you’ll have plenty to do when your friends and family visit you from New Jersey.

Perhaps the thing that truly makes Hyde Park stand out, however, is the way we make active retirement living in Central Florida so affordable. The manufactured homes for sale in Hyde Park provide safe, comfortable living quarters that typically cost less than site-built homes in most 55+ communities. Plus, for a low monthly home site lease payment, our residents enjoy access to a spacious clubhouse, pool, and other amenities.

See for Yourself

The best way to picture yourself living in Central Florida and enjoying an active retirement at Hyde Park is to visit us in person. Contact us today to schedule a community tour the next time you’re visiting from New Jersey.

Active Adult Communities Illinois

Illinois Retirees Considering Active Adult Communities Will Find Plenty to Love at Hyde Park

If you’re an Illinois resident scouting active adult communities for a home where you can enjoy your golden years, make sure you put Hyde Park on your list of communities to visit in person. Our 55+ community in Central Florida has lured plenty of retirees from the Prairie State because of the comfortable, active, and affordable lifestyle they find within our gates and in the surrounding area.

Enjoy Sun & Fun Without Breaking the Bank

In this time of rising real estate prices, Hyde Park manages to do what many active adult communities do not: Keep retirement active and affordable. We do this by offering high-quality manufactured homes for sale in an attractive neighborhood setting and anchored by the kind of resort-style amenities you’d expect to find in an upscale 55+ community. Our amenities include a spacious clubhouse, swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center, and game facilities. Our residents enjoy daily access to all of those amenities as well as lawn mowing services for their low monthly home site lease payment.

We Make It Easy to Stay Busy

Hyde Park also stands out among active adult communities in this part of the Sunshine State because of our great location on the edge of Winter Garden’s charming downtown district. This district’s shops, museums, and eateries beckon our residents to visit daily, and special entertainment events are scheduled on a weekly basis. We make it easy for residents to get there with our golf cart path that leads from Hyde Park straight to this recreational paradise.

Plus, when friends and relatives visit you from Illinois, a short drive will take you to theme parks, beaches, and other attractions that have made Central Florida one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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The best way to decide whether you’d like to join retirees from Illinois and elsewhere who have discovered the joys of an affordable active lifestyle at Hyde Park is to schedule a tour. Contact us today to get started.

Senior Living Communities South FL

Are You a South Florida Retiree in Search of Affordable Senior Living Communities in the Sunshine State? Check Out Hyde Park

With rising home prices and an ever-increasing amount of traffic congestion, the South Florida area is no longer a viable retirement option for many older adults. However, if you’d like to retire and remain in the Sunshine State, a short drive to the north will take you to one of the most affordable and active senior living communities anywhere: Hyde Park.

Located in Winter Garden just outside Orlando, Hyde Park stands out among senior living communities for its enviable location on the outskirts of a busy metro area. Perhaps even more important, however, is the affordable active lifestyle that residents from South Florida and elsewhere enjoy at Hyde Park. Indeed, our gated manufactured-home community for active adults 55 and older can help make the golden years everything you’ve hoped for without taking too big a bite out of your retirement savings.

Get Around by Golf Cart

One of the reasons so many South Florida residents have decided to call Hyde Park home is its close proximity to the Winter Garden Downtown district, which exudes the charm of old Florida while also offering opportunities to visit trendy shops and restaurants. Hyde Park is located on the edge of this bonanza of entertainment opportunities, and our residents can hop in their golf carts and head over there daily via a golf cart path if their wish. For nature lovers, another golf cart trail leads to beautiful Lake Apopka, where our residents can enjoy the view and observe a variety of wildlife.

Resort-Style Amenities Inside Our Gates

Hyde Park also rivals or surpasses the number of resort-style amenities offered by other senior living communities in the state. When you purchase one of our well-maintained manufactured homes for sale and pay a low monthly home site lease fee, you’ll enjoy daily access to these amenities:

  • Spacious community clubhouse
  • Large pool and hot tub
  • Well-equipped fitness center
  • Shuffleboard courts
  • Game rooms

What’s more, you’ll also receive lawn mowing services, which means you can spend more of your retirement having fun and socializing with your neighbors from South Florida and other parts of the United States.

Contact us today to learn more about this gem among senior living communities. We’ll also be happy to schedule a tour of Hyde Park for you whenever you’re in the area.

Golf Cart Communities Michigan

Hyde Park Is One of the Best Golf Cart Communities for Retirees from Michigan

There are more and more golf cart communities being authorized in Michigan and across the nation, as policymakers recognize the advantages of allowing adults – especially retirees – to skip the hassles and expense of driving a car. In Michigan, however, snow and ice are likely to put a serious crimp in the number of winter days you can operate your golf cart in comfort. In sunny Florida, on the other hand, the weather seldom impedes golf cart travel.

This is one of many reasons that so many retirees from Michigan have chosen to call Hyde Park home. Hyde Park is one of the best golf cart communities for active adults 55 and up because it’s situated in the heart of Central Florida and adjacent to the thriving Downtown Winter Garden historic district, where the shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities are practically endless. And Hyde Park makes it easy for our residents to get there without setting foot in a car because there’s a golf cart path leading from our gated community straight to the downtown area!

What’s more, the city of Winter Garden was at the forefront of the national trend toward golf cart communities, having authorized the operation of golf carts on certain low-speed roadways that lead to some of the city’s most popular destinations, including beautiful Lake Apopka. This means, whether our residents want to enjoy a cultural experience with friends and neighbors or spend some time communing with nature, they can get where they want to go by golf cart.

One of the Most Affordable Golf Cart Communities

At Hyde Park, we make an active lifestyle affordable, even on a retirement budget. We offer attractive manufactured homes for sale in a gated neighborhood setting that includes a spacious community clubhouse and resort-style amenities such as a pool and hot tub. For your low monthly home site lease payment, you’ll receive access to those amenities, plus professional community management and residential lawn mowing. And, even better, you’ll enjoy plenty of great company with neighbors from Michigan and other parts of the country.

Contact us today to learn more about Hyde Park and how it offers everything you could want in a golf cart community. We’ll also be happy to schedule a community tour for you when you’re in the area.

Retirement Villages New York

Are You a New York Resident Who’s Eyeing the Retirement Villages in Sunny Florida? Don’t Overlook Hyde Park

For decades, Florida has been a top destination for retirees from New York who long to leave the snow and ice behind. In recent years, though, balmy weather alone hasn’t been enough to entice refugees from the Snowbelt to settle in the Sunshine State. The concept of retirement villages that offer convenient access to entertainment, shopping, exercise, and medical care, as well as plenty of opportunities to socialize with one’s peers, has taken root and flourished. The trouble is, many of these retirement villages are out of reach financially for today’s older adults.

Fortunately, there’s a terrific alternative: Hyde Park.

An Enviable Retirement Lifestyle without the Hefty Price Tag

Located in the heart of the nation’s peninsula state, Hyde Park in Winter Garden offers retirees from New York and elsewhere all the conveniences they’re looking for, plus an impressive selection of resort-style amenities that rival those of more expensive retirement villages. Our gated community for adults 55 and older sits on the edge of bustling Winter Garden, a carefully restored downtown historic district that combines the charm of yesteryear with trendy shops and eateries that you’ll never grow tired of. Our community is so close to this district that many residents hop in their golf carts and travel daily on a path that leads there from Hyde Park. Plus, we’re only a short car ride from neighboring Orlando, where you’ll find tourist attractions and first-rate medical facilities, as well as an international airport and train stations that can make it easy for you to indulge your wanderlust.

But you won’t have to leave the community to find plenty to do. Hyde Park boasts a spacious clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness center, and other amenities that help promote camaraderie, physical activity, and relaxation.

How Do We Keep All This Affordable?

Hyde Park is more affordable that many retirement villages because our residents live in well-maintained manufactured homes that typically cost less than site-built homes, even though the accommodations are quite safe and comfortable. We surround these attractive homes with a beautifully landscaped neighborhood setting, and we provide residential lawn mowing as part of the low monthly home site lease payment, which also entitles residents to enjoy the community’s amenities whenever they wish.

If you’re planning to relocate from New York to one of the retirement villages in this area, make sure you put Hyde Park on your list of communities to visit in person. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our beautiful community.

Golf Cart Communities for Retirees Central FL

What’s Behind the Popularity of Golf Cart Communities for Retirees in Central Florida?

Retiring to sunny Florida to spend endless hours on the golf course has long been the dream of many older adults. In recent years, though, a growing number of retirees are more interested in simply spending time in their golf carts – using them to get to shops and restaurants without shelling out money for gas or dealing with high-speed traffic on busy highways.

In Central Florida, the city of Winter Garden has developed a reputation as one of the standout golf cart communities for retirees, largely because city commissioners authorized golf cart use on a network of low-speed roadways that lead to some of the area’s most prized recreational destinations. One of these destinations is the Winter Garden Downtown Historic District. With brick-lined streets and well-preserved landmarks, this commercial beehive retains its old-Florida charm while also offering an intriguing mix of trendy shops, markets, studios, and eateries. The district also hosts specially themed festivals and weekly events that draw people of all ages. Here are only a few of them:

  • A farmers market that has been voted No. 1 in the nation multiple times in a competition sponsored by the American Farmland Trust
  • Plays and concerts at the recently restored Garden Theatre
  • Live music on the plaza, featuring jazz, pop, bluegrass, soul, country, and folk music, as well as selections from other genres

All This Makes Hyde Park One of the Best Golf Cart Communities for Retirees in Central Florida

Easy access to Downtown Winter Garden by golf cart is one of the many things that attract retirees to Hyde Park, a gated community for adults 55 and older that’s located on the edge of the downtown district. Our residents head downtown almost daily via a golf cart path that connects to our community. They also enjoy organizing group activities involving their golf carts, including a parade to commemorate the Fourth of July. Our residents also find plenty of opportunities to socialize at our spacious clubhouse-and-pool complex, which includes a fitness center and game rooms.

At Hyde Park, we take pride in providing an affordable Florida lifestyle for retirees by offering high-quality manufactured homes for sale in an attractive, golf cart-friendly setting with resort-style amenities. Contact us today to learn more about what Hyde Park has to offer.

Retirement Destination in Central Fl Ohio

Why Hyde Park Is the Central Florida Retirement Destination of Choice for Residents Who Hail from Ohio

Central Florida has long been a prime retirement destination for residents of Ohio, but many older adults today worry about whether their retirement savings will stretch far enough to allow them to spend their golden years in the Sunshine State.

If that sounds like you, you’ll be interested in the active affordable lifestyle that can be yours at Hyde Park, a beautiful gated community of well-maintained manufactured homes for adults 55 and older that’s located in Winter Garden, just outside Orlando. Our homes offer Ohio residents and others attractive and comfortable living quarters that are designed to require little maintenance, so there will be plenty of time to spend on the many activities available to residents inside and outside our gates.

Plenty to Do at Hyde Park

The amenities at Hyde Park rival those at an upscale housing community. They include:

  • A clubhouse with plenty of spaces for dining and socializing with neighbors
  • A large swimming pool and hot tub
  • A well-equipped fitness center
  • Shuffleboard courts

Plenty to Do Outside Our Gates

Hyde Park residents enjoy easy access to the nearby historic Downtown Winter Garden district, which is continually bustling with opportunities to shop, dine, visit museums, and enjoy special events. A golf cart path will take you there, so there’s no need to compete with cars on the road. Plus, all the theme parks, sports venues, golf courses, fishing spots, and other attractions that have made Central Florida a longtime retirement destination are only a few minutes away by car.

If you’re an Ohio resident planning a trip to Central Florida in the near future, our Lifestyle Team will be happy to show you around beautiful Hyde Park when you’re in the area. That way, you can see for yourself what makes our community an enviable retirement destination. Contact us today to set it up.

Downtown Winter Garden

Located on the Edge of Beautiful Downtown Winter Garden, Hyde Park Puts Retirees Where the Action Is

It’s your retirement, so you can kick back and relax if you want. But if you’re like many of the residents of Hyde Park, you’d like to spend as much of your newfound free time as possible exploring an exciting world around you. And Hyde Park, located practically next door to historic Downtown Winter Garden, provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Hyde Park is a gated community of high-quality manufactured homes for active adults 55 and older. It boasts an attractive neighborhood setting with well-tended lawns and common areas, and there’s always plenty to do at the community clubhouse and pool. But one of the biggest reasons our residents choose to call this community home is the golf cart path that leads straight from Hyde Park into picturesque Downtown Winter Garden, a charming tribute to old Florida that sports brick-lined streets and lovingly restored landmarks. In fact, without having to worry about navigating a busy highway, our residents can drive their golf carts into the downtown area for excursions that include:

  • Admiring the exhibits in the Heritage Museum and the Central Florida Railroad Museum
  • Enjoying movies, plays, and concerts at the recently restored Garden Theatre
  • Shopping for organic food and one-of-a-kind, handmade crafts at the Plant Street Market
  • Sampling the fare at one of the distinctive cafés
  • Having a drink with friends to the sound of live music at one of several popular nightspots in the district

What’s more, there’s a golf cart path network leading from Hyde Park to many parts of Winter Garden, including nature parks and beautiful Lake Apopka. Plus, when you’re in the mood for a drive, all of the exciting tourist attractions of Orlando are only a few minutes away by car.

One of the best things about Hyde Park, however, is that we know how to make an active Florida lifestyle affordable. If your heart is set on spending your golden years having fun in the Sunshine State, come find out what we have to offer. Contact us today to schedule a tour of Hyde Park and then spend some time in Downtown Winter Garden. In the meantime, keep tabs on our homes for sale so you don’t miss the opportunity you’ve been dreaming of!

Affordable 55 Communities in Central FL for MA Retirees

Massachusetts Residents on the Hunt for Affordable Age 55 Communities in Central Florida Should Zero in on Hyde Park

A listing of the most attractive and affordable communities for adults 55 and older in Central Florida would undoubtedly include Hyde Park, especially if you’re a history buff from Massachusetts. Hyde Park is a beautifully landscaped and gated community of manufactured homes located so close to the picturesque Winter Garden Downtown Historic District that many of our residents follow a golf cart path to get there on a daily basis. They don’t even have to get into their cars!

The district is home to more than 26 historic buildings and the impressive Centennial Clock Tower, which dates to 1903. The downtown area is always bustling with shoppers and sightseers visiting the many one-of-a-kind businesses, galleries, and eateries, plus there are weekly special events that include live music and other festivities. It’s a never-ending source of entertainment for Hyde Park residents that’s right in their own backyard!

All This & Resort-Style Amenities, Too

Hyde Park is also located only a short drive from Orlando, FL, which has a seemingly endless list of sightseeing opportunities, plus top-rated healthcare facilities, an Amtrak train station, and an international airport. But an enviable location isn’t the only thing Hyde Park has in its favor. It’s also easily one of the most affordable 55 communities in Central Florida! For a low monthly home site lease payment, our residents enjoy spending time with neighbors at our spacious clubhouse complex, which includes a pool and hot tub, shuffleboard courts, and plenty of places to get together for a meal with friends.

We make all of this affordable by offering beautiful manufactured homes for sale in an attractively landscaped community that’s professionally managed by Blair Group, a longtime developer of communities for adults ages 55 and up. At Blair Group, we take pride in making an active Florida lifestyle affordable for retirees from Massachusetts and all over the world.

Contact us today to learn more about Hyde Park. We’ll also be happy to schedule a tour of the community for you when you’re in the area.